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Our team of experienced event producers will work with you to deliver a best in class live event that is engaging, memorable and, most importantly, stress-free for you.

Whether you're planning a conference for 10,000 or a roundtable meeting for 10, we are here to help. 

We continue to lead the way in immersive and engaging virtual event experiences.

Our event producers will guide you every step of the way to creating an immersive and engaging virtual event.

Our proprietary virtual event platform will transport your attendees into a virtual space that looks and feels like the real thing, and our professionally-produced live stream broadcasts will create a wow-factor far beyond a typical webinar or video conference meeting.

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King Events is quickly becoming a leader in Hybrid Event production. Combining our expertise in both live and virtual event production with our proprietary technology, we are delivering high-quality, immersive and engaging hybrid solutions for clients of all sizes.

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